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  • Red Clay Citizen
    Blog of the Civitas Institute of North Carolina
  • Inner Banks Eagle
    Dean Stephens covers the Inner Banks of Eastern North Carolina.
  • Issac Hunter's Tavern
    Blogger and Radio personality Laura Leslie keeps up with North Carolina politics.
  • Carolina Politics Online
    Your political road covering North and South Carolina.
  • Under the Dome Online
    From the Raleigh "News and Observer", one of the oldest political gossip pages online.
  • WakePol
    The Raleigh "News and Observer" blog covers local Wake County politics.
  • Weekly Standard Blog
    Blog of my favorite political mag, "The Weekly Standard". If you don't subscribe to Fred Barnes and co, you should!
  • Environment NC
    Advancing environmental stewardship, sound science, and economic prosperity for North Carolina.
  • Talking About Politics
    Conservative guru Carter Wrenn and Liberal strategist Gary Pierce provide commentary on Raleigh and North Carolina politics.
  • BlogNet News - North Carolina
    The blogosphere's front page.
  • Sarah in Tampa - Tampagirl Talks Tech!
    Best tech blog around. The daughter of Judge Doug McCullough, who serves proudly on the NC Court of Appeals.
  • NC Political Connections
    By News 14 Carolina reporter Tim Boyum (At my house, I cannot get this channel anymore, as we were forced to give up cable due to poor bandwidth issues and move to the better performing Directv. Sorry Tim.)
    Where policy and policy news click.
  • A Watauga Conservative
  • Fern Shubert Speaks for Us
    Published by admirers of former Senator Fern Shubert. Shubert served the ole' North State well, until stepping down from her office to make a run for Governor in 2004. While she is greatly missed from office, she knows where the "bodies are buried" and is still found digging up the truth.
  • Mike's Nether Land
    The greatest conservative blogger in the state of Maryland. Check him out!
  • Don Frantz's Cary Town Council Journal
    Conservative Town Council member shares the inside track with you. Cary politics and more.
  • America's Integrity
    It's Time to Restore American Integrity, the Right Way written by a Marine.
  • Resounding Truth
    Gideon Moore and friends sound off with creative ideas on important issues.
  • Seeing Red Again
    Blog of the North Carolina Republican Party.
  • ARRA News Service
    News for social, fiscal & national security conservatives who believe in God, family & country. We seek to uphold traditional family values, Republican principles & ideals, limited government, free markets to promote innovation, & individual freedom. The ARRA News Service is an outreach of the Arkansas Republican Assembly.
  • Crystal Clear Conservative
    Blogger Krystal Weeks writes about N. Virginia and DC metro area politics, as well as national issues. Check her out!
  • Cuba Generation Y
    This 30-something blogger publishes at great risk to show readers outside Cuba what everyday life is like inside the oppressive, Communist nation. Think you like this blog and think again!
  • Smart Girl Politics
    Conservative Women bloggers, and a few men, who are here to refresh you when you are thirsty.
  • LadyBlog
    A modern take on traditional women. Classier than tea service. Like Fight Club but with better hygiene. Sightly more aggro than a cucumber sandwich.
  • A Newt One
    The scourge of the left!
  • Peach Girl Politics
    Conservative mother of one. Blogs in the peach state of Georgia!
  • Top Conservatives On Twitter
    The top conservatives on Twitter. If you are conservative, you should follow these people. KCC is on the list and moves up and down, depending on the day.
  • Modern Conservative
  • The Political Byline
    One of my fellow Top Conservatives on Twitter. Check him out! He's not afraid to speak his mind. Based in the Motorcity.
  • Capital Letters
    Jordan Schrader covers North Carolina government for the Asheville Citizen-Times.
  • Sister Toldjah
    National conservative blogger who tells it like it is. She loves North Carolina and occasionally picks up items from KCC on her blog.
  • Called 2 Action
    Check out this site, run by Steve Noble. He's a member of the religious right and he tells the truth as he sees it. He calls himself an equal opportunity offender. Check out what he has to say!
  • Conservative Oasis
    A fellow TCOTer. Fellow conservative blogger. Get your drink today.
  • Inside Charm City
    A conservative writes about all things Baltimore. He has plenty of fodder!
  • The Repurblican
    Political News and commentary for urban Republicans
  • La Shawn Barber's Corner
    A blog about culture, digital technology, faith, and politics.
  • Wizbang
    Great Natl blog
  • Conservative NC
    Written by Frank Williams, Gideon Moore and friends.
  • Elephant Owners
    Free Markets, Competition, Profit…it’s all good
  • Side Street Riot
    Prepare to be mugged by conservative reality.
  • NC Politics
    New Bern native (and your blogger's fellow high school classmate -NBSHS '85) Steve Hale writes from Pitt County about his take on the North Carolina Political scene. Check out his blog and offer up your comments.
  • Blogs for Victory
  • Light House On the Right
  • Pundit & Pundette
  • Reagan Conservatives Blog
    Fiscal and social conservatism, just as our hero would have wanted it.
  • Dateline Obamastan
    Cary's John Byrnes writes about national, state, and local politics. He currently serves in the Army National Guard.
  • Driving With One Hand
    Kevin LeCount is apparently driving with his LEFT hand, as this blog is written by my good friend who works for SEANC, the union of the NC State Employees. His wife, Heidi, works at my alma mater, Meredith and are good folks, despite their political leanings. Check them out.
  • Katy's Conservative Corner
    North Carolina Politics from a Conservative Perspective

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